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Gold Coast Chiropractic




Sherry J.
Satisfied Patient

“My chronic back, neck and hand pain finally caught up to me after years of working…”

My hands hurt so much that pretty much I lost the use of my right hand.  


I first met the doctors at church and was finally inspired to seek help for my own chronic health condition after seeing and hearing from others about their success under the doctors’ care. My chronic back, neck and hand pain finally caught up to me after years of working construction and an extremely active sports life.  As a twenty eight year old, I first injured my back working as a telephone installation linewoman and it’s been a struggle ever since.  I’ve tried chiropractic for years, moving from one doctor to the next, just managing the pain and living my life on ice.

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My hands hurt so much that pretty much I lost the use of my right hand.  I was so desperate that I was actually considering a hand surgery where they would cut open my forearm and remove a tendon then cut open my hand and place the tendon in my hand to act as cartilage in a bone on bone scenario.  Thedoctors at Gold Coast and their unique corrective care program was both comprehensive and life changing. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, specific rehabilitative exercises were performed in the office and at homewith nutritional changes to eat clean, which helped me reduce inflammation in my body. Collectively, this corrective care approach has helped transform me from chronic pain victim to becoming ahealthier and stronger person overall.

now have more energy and don’t get tired as often because I’m no longer in so much pain. My new found energy has allowed me to get back into the gym to increase my strength for water skiing and snow skiing once again. Now I’m able to do more activities with my family and my emotional wellbeing is so much better because of it, without feeling anxious or desperate.  Now that my stress level is down, I feel confident that I can achieve what’s ever necessary without pain.  In addition, because of the Drs Melendez care and nutritional advice, I’vebeen able to overcome several significant physical challenges in my life with greater success.  My new and improved resiliency and longevity has renewed my hope in the future. God is good!

Thank you for helping me live my ideal 100 year lifestyle.

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Tedesa L.
Satisfied Patient

“When you are constant pain, life totally stinks! ”
I had regular headaches, almost daily with frequent migraines of at least 2 times per week as well. I was constantly popping Ibuprofen and Excedrin Migraine medications for so long that eventually their effectiveness wore off and only slightly lessened the pain. Even knowing the damage I was doing to my kidneys and liver from my daily pill dose, I still chose to pop these pills just so I could do life. When the pills started lose their effectiveness I had to make the decision to start the prescription for Imitrex.
My chiropractor in Colorado, Dr. Joe Singh, referred me to Drs Melendez (Pettibon technique), when we relocated to San Diego. I got my first adjustment with Dr. Melendez on May 11, 2016. I felt immediate relief!! It was as amazing and miraculous as hearing angels sing!!

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When you are constant pain, life totally stinks! Even daily routines can become unbearable or impossible. When your head is pounding the last thing you want to be doing is bending down to get clean clothes out of your washer to put them into your dryer. And what’s for dinner? Who in the world wants to even think about what to cook, much less cook it when you feel like someone has put a jack hammer to your head? What about simply walking down or upstairs when you have that splitting headache and it feels like your head is about to split open with each step. All you want to do is sleep when you’re in pain but you can’t sleep because of the pain. It becomes a vicious cycle of frustration, irritability, depression, stress, exhaustion and pain. And that’s just how it affects you, but what about your spouse and children, your family? It affects every level of your relationships. Like when you have to constantly decline date nights with your spouse, or BBQ Sundays with your neighbors, or family movie nights because you have another migraine, which gets old fast. The headaches could get so bad that even hearing the person next to you breath was so intense that it would cause excruciating pain making me nauseous!
This is why I thank God for Drs David and Lorraine. Since I’ve been under their care my life and the lives of my husband and sons, have done a 180 degree turn! I’ve gone from merely existing in pain to living without pain. Once again I remember what it’s like to smile and laugh again. I love our date nights and family nights again, having fun with friends and even doing laundry, well not really the laundry. But I love that I can do it all in one day and still have time to play. I can run my errands and work on my to-do-list. I can even exercise now which helps with stress management. I think the thing I’m most thrilled about is the fact that I can finally sleep for about 4 1/2 hours straight! Yes, the doctors have helped me brake my vicious cycle.
My Heart is filled with gratitude toward them for that. I still have some work to do but I’m thrilled to be going forward pain free. I’m excited to continue to work with the doctors to gain more health and live life more abundantly. As the wise Dr. Dave once said, “Good is the enemy of Great”.
Thank you Dr.Dave for helping me accomplish-Great!!!”

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Tom L.
Satisfied Patient

“I finally came in for help after my back and leg pain got so bad that I could not stand for very long without having pain shoot down my leg.”

I came to see Dr. David in April of 2016, a year after my wife met the doctor at a community fair in Solana Beach and brought his card home. It took a while but I finally came in for help after my back and leg pain got so bad that I could not stand for very long without having pain shoot down my leg. It was awful, I couldn’t work without pain and I couldn’t do much. Nothing seemed to help.

Since completing crisis care and then transitioning to lifestyle care, I’m no longer in pain; I have more energy, feel happier and even able to go dancing again. I now workout at the gym 5-7 days per week and feel great once again. I have much more energy now and my workouts are much more productive. I even lost weight since I’m able to push my body to a new level previously not possible.
Thank you,”

Noelle L.
Satisfied Patient

“I’m able to enjoy my family more and can be active without pain.”

“I did not have to accept crippling pain every single day, as my new normal.”


I first came to Gold Coast Chiropractic Center after doing some research online. After reading positive Yelp reviews and seeing their 5 star ranking, I decided this family practice looked hopeful!

When I arrived at the office, I could not stand up straight. I was so crooked, that I was using a cane, and I am far too young to be using a cane. I was in so much pain and had been for years, that I thought I just had to live my life that way from now on. I was in extreme pain all day. I laid on the floor constantly, because even laying in bed hurt. I could not even go out to dinner or have a date night with my husband because it was painful to sit. I could not sit through one meal without pain.

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My extreme pain interfered with my everyday life. I had just moved from New York and was missing out on exploring my new Solana Beach neighborhood with my family. I tried physical therapy and Ibuprofen, but still nothing worked. No one could pinpoint why this was happening or why I continued to have so much pain, until I started crisis care with Dr. Lorraine at Gold Coast Chiropractic Center. She explained that I had considerable spinal compression in the nerves in my low back and neck. Not only was this causing my constant pain, but also contributing to my balance issue and lack of focus.

Since completing crisis care at Gold Coast, my quality of life has improved tremendously! I do not have pain anymore and am no longer crooked. I can now walk places without pain! This makes me more motivated to really take advantage of this beautiful place I am living in and go outside. I get to explore my surroundings pain-free, and with my family! I walk the dog on my own each day and can go out to dinner with my husband again. I have started yoga and am exercising more. All of these changes have caused me to become much more focused and positive.

I am able to enjoy my husband and son more because I don’t have pain like I used to. I can do California things now—like yoga and outdoor activities, I have even started to eat avocados! I realized that my life did NOT have to stay the way it was. I did not have to accept crippling pain every single day, as my new normal. The care at Gold Coast Chiropractic Center truly changed my life for the better.

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Shaylee V.
Satisfied Patient

Scoliosis improved!

 I had a 25 degree scoliosis, chronic back pain, hip imbalance, shoulder pain, migraine headaches and fatigue.  My condition wasn’t considered a big deal by other doctors. They basically told me I have scoliosis and didn’t tell me how to fix it.

I’ve been coming to GCC for about 6 months now and within the first three months of care I already have had a reduction of 10 degrees! I went from 25 degrees to 15 degrees and it’s only getting better! My back doesn’t hurt nearly as much, my migraines and fatigue have been getting better, and my shoulders and hips are much more balanced.

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Now I’m able to be on my feet with less pain. I ref soccer for long hours at a time and my body still aches but now I can keep going and I’m able to get up the next day! It’s been easier to communicate because when you’ve been overcome by pain you sometimes don’t treat people right when filled with annoyance and anger. I’ve been able to control my emotions easier, I’ve become calmer and less annoyed!

My stress levels were always high because of the pain and worry that I won’t get better, but they’re much lower now and it’s easier for me to deal with stress. My everyday life has greatly improved. I count my blessings everyday because of this place (GCCC & Dr. Anna). I thank God so much for showing me the right path of healing and for sending the right people my way in a time where I felt so lost!

Thank you!


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Anthony B.
Satisfied Patient

“I first came to see Dr. Melendez after blowing my back out golfing. I was referred to Gold Coast Chiropractic Center by another doctor from Escondido. My back was bad when I first came for help, unable to surf, extreme difficulty walking, working and living. An MRI of my spine confirmed that I had herniated and bulged my lumbar disc at L4-L5, which was pressing on the nerve causing lots of pain. I was pretty bummed and after months of another type of chiropractic care, it continued to get worse.

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The tipping point came after I went on a surf trip to Pasquales in mainland Mexico with friends and had an awful and painful time! Not only was I in horrible pain the entire time, but I could not surf at all. I missed out on all the good waves because of my disc injury. I knew something had to change so I decided to try something different.
I started on a spinal corrective plan at Gold Coast Chiropractic which included chiropractic adjustments, decompression (SRT) and rehabilitation with home exercises to fix my spine. Since starting care I feel so much better, drastically improved, and finally I am once again beginning to do the things I love, even surfing for the first time in many months, so stoked! My pain and disability has completely healed. The past days of despair and worry are now just a memory. I feel happy again and can go back to living my life with a new outlook.
Thank you.”

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