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Gold Coast Chiropractic



Our Team

Introducing Team Gold Coast Chiropractic: After 29 years of practice in Cardiff by the Sea, we’ve added a second generation of doctors of chiropractic, Drs. Jacob & Anna Melendez. As a 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate Office, our doctors are excited to continue the Gold Coast mission of reaching, teaching, and touching as many people as possible with state of the art posture and spinal corrective chiropractic, helping you and your family live your ideal 100 lifestyle with longevity, performance, and vitality!


Dr. David Melendez

Dr. David specializes in the Pettibon System of Chiropractic Spinal Correction and Rejuvenation. Unique and dynamic, this system provides predictable posture correction and spinal alignment. Dr. David uses the Pettibon System to give hope and restored health to many for whom standard medical treatment and ordinary chiropractic care have proved insufficient.
Serving Sand Diego’s coastal North County since 1990, Dr. David was inspired to enter the chiropractic profession after overcoming his own health and spinal problems through chiropractic care. With his wife, Dr. Lorraine, he opened Gold Coast Chiropractic Center after graduating from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles. Ever since, Dr. David has empowered patients to live the ideal 100-year lifestyle with longevity and health!

Dr. Lorraine Melendez


Dr. Lorraine inspires her patients to take charge of their own health, using integrity, love and deep experience to help them reap the benefits of better health for the fullest duration of their lives. She brings her whole self to her work, and helps each patient discover how perseverance and well-informed decisions can transform a life.

Dr. Lorraine entered chiropractic with the dream of practicing with her father. When his illness prevented the fulfillment of that dream, Dr. Lorraine assured him the she would “be his hands.” She went on to graduate from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles. Opening Gold Coast Chiropractic with her husband in 1990, she has made good on her promise to her father, founding the clinic in his honor. Every day, Dr. Lorraine feels his spirit and passion as she serves others through hope and healing.

Dr. Jacob Melendez

Dr. Jacob is committed to sharing his passion for the gift of chiropractic, a passion born of personal experience and deepened by a three-generation family history of excellence in the chiropractic profession. In addition to providing highly effective care for his patients in San Diego, Dr. Jacob has volunteered his help to many others during service trips to Mexico, Haiti, Indonesia and India.

From birth, Dr. Jacob received chiropractic adjustment from his father, which allowed him to overcome the effects of a lung disorder. He graduated from Life Chiropractic College West and is delighted to practice alongside his wife, Dr. Anna, and his parents. He repays the gifts that chiropractic has given to him by empowering others to discover the amazing ability of their own bodies to heal.

Dr. Anna Melendez

Dr. Anna helps each patient on their own path to health and long life by encouraging simple lifestyle changes that support a clear nervous system, high quality nutrition, reduced exposure to toxins, effective exercise and a positive mindset. She is dedicated to helping her patients transform the way they view and manage their own health.
While pursuing a nursing degree, Dr. Anna’s devotion to chiropractic was ignited by Dr. Jim Sigafoose, as she heard him speak about the profession at a conference. Moved by his powerful message, she switched majors and went on to graduate from Life Chiropractic College West. Along with her husband, Dr. Jacob, she is committed to creating a healthier community by inspiring and educating others to become active participants in their own health.