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Gold Coast Chiropractic



Pettibon Posture Correction & Spinal Rehabilitation

Your customized program for lasting results.

At Gold Coast, our commitment to your 100 Year Lifestyle includes a focus on proven techniques and measurable, predictable results. Our integrity demands it. That’s why we distinguish ourselves by providing our patients with the power of  the Pettibon System.

The Pettibon system recognizes the ever present force of gravity. It understands the impact gravity has, not only on the hard tissues of the spine, but also on the soft tissues that surround and support the spine. Pettibon uses a patented system of weights, exercises and imaging to find and reinforce the optimal alignment of each patient’s spine, so that it interacts with gravity in the most useful, healthful way.

By design, the Pettibon System is deeply personalized. Your care evolves with you. Imaging and precision measurements point the way and mark the milestones as you make progress. Whether your starting point is an acute injury, a chronic condition or simply an imperfect posture, Gold Coast’s Pettibon program is your customized, guided path to enduring results.