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For Gold Coast Chiropractic husband and wife team of Drs. David and Lorraine Melendez, chiropractic care is more than treating back pain and neck pain - it's a way to achieve overall health and well-being. While their techniques have long been helping the Cardiff by the Sea and Encinitas communities alleviate pain and heal from ailments such as whiplash from an auto accident or a herniated disc brought on by a personal injury, their corrective plans also help ensure optimum health going forward. Whether you visit Drs. Melendez for the services of a massage therapist, nutrition counselor or chiropractic care, they take care of you personally as their own. Both also entered the field based on personal healing experiences.

Cardiff by the Sea & Encinitas Chiropractors Offer Services of Massage Therapist, Nutritional Counseling

Dr. David Melendez became a chiropractor when chiropractic helped him overcome his own chronic health and spinal problems. Dr. Lorraine Melendez followed the footsteps of her father, who became a chiropractor after having his own positive experiences. Drs. Melendez both graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, where they also first met, and opened Gold Coast Chiropractic Center in 1990 in honor of Dr. Lorraine's father.

Our chiropractor's personal connections and experiences give them the dedication and passion to best help you achieve your health and wellness objectives. One of the specialized techniques our Cardiff by the Sea and Encinitas chiropractors offer is their unique Pettibon System, a comprehensive rehabilitation program that corrects the hard and soft tissues of your spine. The system has been successful treating neck pain, back pain, headache, sciatica, and other ailments.

The Pettibon System incorporates spinal decompression and active rehabilitation with body weighting and whole body vibration. Vibration therapy and oxygen therapy are part of the treatment, and work as a rehab system tailored specifically for your body that supports your spine and protects you from gravity.

Components of the Pettibon System work for spinal rejuvenation, which includes spinal decompression, rehabilitation and posture correction. Our spinal warm-ups include cervical repetitive traction and the wobble chair, both of which gently warm up your spine while offering a host of full-body benefits. They are often the gentle first step in the treatment of back pain, neck pain, sciatica, a herniated disc, chronic headache, whiplash from an auto accident or personal injury.

We also have a massage therapist available to provide targeted pain relief. Our experienced massage therapist works with our chiropractors to select the most effective techniques to treat your specific condition. Our massage therapy can alleviate pain, release tension, or focus on trigger points to help heal injuries or overuse from sports and other activities.
If you are new to our website, please feel free to browse through our wide range of topics as you discover the key to true posture and spine correction through our wellness programs. Feel free to subscribe to our award-winning newsletter or request an appointment using our online system. Our site and our center were established by Dr. Melendez to help you reach your wellness goals.

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